Public Art Master Plan

The draft of Las Cruces Public Art Master Plan is ready for review.

The master planning process, which began late last year, engaged people throughout Las Cruces to share their perspective on the future of public art in the community. Hundreds of people attended a roundtable discussion, responded to our online survey, joined us for a tour of public art in El Paso, were interviewed by our consultants, or engaged with us at National Night Out. The resulting draft plan draws from these many conversations, as well as multiple work sessions with the City Art Board and plan advisory committees.

The Las Cruces Public Art Master Plan is meant to be a guide for Las Cruces Public Art (the City’s public art program), the City Art Board, City staff and anyone interested in collaborating with the City on public art such as the program’s vision and mission, administrative guidelines, and/or recommended public art projects.

Depending on your orientation to and relationship with LCPA you will be more interested in some areas of the Plan than others. We don’t anticipate that most people will read it all.  The Executive Summary provides a good introduction to the Plan and may help you identify sections that most interest you.

The Plan is posted for public comment from October 16 – November 15, 2019.  Comments received during this period will be taken into consideration before the final draft of the plan is prepared for approval by the City Art Board and City Council later this fall.



Pride sculpture by Karen Yank, located at East Mesa Safety Complex, Las Cruces, NM

Your feedback is important to us. Please help us by responding to the following three questions:

  • How do the Mission, Vision, Goals and Strategies as identified on pages 10 - 12 reflect the impact you think LCPA can and should have in the community?
  • Identify 3 things that excite you about any aspect of the plan - specific recommended public art opportunities, programs, processes, etc.
  • What, if any, specific concerns do you have about any aspect of the Plan and its recommendations?

Send your responses to