Accounts Payable

Mission Statement

The purpose of the City of Las Cruces Accounts Payable Program is to provide payments, information, and inquire response services to Vendors, City Departments, Governmental Agencies, and City customer so they can receive timely compensation. 

Vendor Invoicing Guidelines

How should you submit invoices to the City Las Cruces?

To improve the efficiency of this process, we are starting to phase out paper-based invoicing and therefore ask you to send your invoices only to us via email as an attachment ( (preferred method).  In instances where this is unavoidable and cannot be done electronically, please send hard copy invoices directly to the City of Las Cruces Disbursement section for scanning and processing.  Invoices with postal addresses to City Departments will no longer be valid.  Invoices sent directly to the City Departments (business units) may result in delayed payments.  

What needs to be on your invoices?

We need to focus on and where we need your support with is ensuring the completeness and quality of invoices that we receive, so that we can avoid inefficiencies and ensure that timely payments are made to you.

Regulatory and/or Compliance requirements:

  • The invoice/document must bear the correct and complete City of Las Cruces name and address
  • The document MUST be an invoice or a valid substitute (Note: Purchase Orders, Statement of Accounts, Sale Order, Packing Slip, Reminders, Letters, etc. are not allowed for processing)
  • Copies of invoices will not be accepted as documentation without verification that the original invoice has been lost or destroyed and the vendor has not received payment.
    • If a copy of Original Invoice must be submitted, invoice copy must be marked and initial off that it is a valid copy of the original invoice by the vendor.
  • The invoice/document MUST be readable
  • The invoice MUST NOT be dated before the delivery of goods and services
  • Invoice/document must have a reference to a valid Purchase Order Reference OR CITY OF LAS CRUCES contact person 
  • Duplicate invoices must not be submitted (double submission)
  • The invoice MUST NOT contain a duplicate invoice number (all invoice numbers must be unique)

 Other Minimum Requirements that will avoid erroneous payments:

  • YOUR complete Tax ID Number
  • Invoice/document must have the breakdown of the gross and net invoice values (Tax/Freight amount provided)
  • Invoice/document must state the currency

Mailing Guidelines and Delivery Methods

Preferred Method: Invoice in an email attachment

Provide PDF Invoice email attachment, you can send the invoice to the following email address:

  • Link to email address:
  • The attachment can be sent in a pdf (preferred) or tiff format.  It should not exceed a maximum of 10MB in size.  One pdf or tiff file can contain only one single invoice (with the supporting documents, if needed).

Least Preferred Method: Hard Copy Invoices

We recognize that e-invoicing is not always possible for all of our suppliers, so if you still need to submit a paper based invoice, please follow these instructions immediately.

  • All paper based invoices now need to be sent to the PO Box address listed here:

City of Las Cruces
Attn.: Disbursements
P.O. BOX 20000
Las Cruces, NM 88004-9002

Use the correct City of Las Cruces Name (Legal Entity)

Invoices should be submitted to City of Las Cruces Disbursements or approved means (email) after the delivery of goods and services has been completed and confirmed acceptable.  Invoices should be billed to the City of Las Cruces - Attn.: Disbursements – Correct Legal Entity Name, Entity Address and postal code should be used, for the invoice not to be rejected.

Incorrect Address Listing
Correct Address Listing

NM City of Las Cruces
PO BOX 20000
ATTN: (Department Name or Contact)
Las Cruces, NM 88004
United States

City of Las Cruces
ATTN: Disbursements
PO BOX 20000
Las Cruces, NM 88004-9002

Make sure that the invoice is legible and readable

It is important that the invoice is legible and includes complete and correct attachment(s).  Overwritten invoice details are not acceptable and will be rejected.  Handwritten and/or manual invoices are generally not encouraged as these may cause errors & inefficiencies in the process.

Send your invoices through the appropriate transmission channel – DO NOT send invoice(s) twice

If you are submitting via email, please do not submit hard-copy invoices.  They will be rejected automatically by Disbursements scanning team and may cause delay in payment processing.

Know and indicate your Purchase Order number on the face of the invoice

The City of Las Cruces requires invoices reference a Purchase Order (PO), which is transmitted to your sales department per email.  PO Numbers are required for us to process your invoice, therefore please make sure to consider the following:

  • The Purchase Order is indeed listed for the purchase you are invoicing.
  • The City of Las Cruces entity, which issued the Purchase Order, should match the City of Las Cruces entity indicated on your invoice.
  • Purchase Orders should use the correct format.

Know your contact person at the City of Las Cruces

Invoices submitted should always bear the name and city department of the contact person you work with at the City of Las Cruces.  This is especially critical for invoices that cannot be processed using Purchase Orders – as the absence of this results in delays or errors in processing.

Include and indicate Your Tax ID Information

If the data on the invoice does not match our vendor master data record, your invoice will be put on hold for investigation.  Therefore, if your company’s name, address or Tax ID number has changed, please notify us and include a copy of the invoice with the accomplished vendor update forms you were previously using in unchangeable format (pdf), so that we can update our database before your invoices reach due date.

Check if invoice is correct and the breakdown of the total invoice amount is provided

Incorrectly calculated invoices, will require further coordination and may result in delays to the process.  The correct tax rate should be reflected on the face of the invoice.

Payment Status

Accounts Payable staff strive to ensure that payments are made correctly, and in a effective and efficient matter. Your assistance in this endeavor is greatly appreciated. By following the above guidelines, you will assist us in ensuring prompt and accurate payments. If you have any questions regarding the status of your payment, you can contact staff by emailing Please provide:

  • Company Name
  •  PO Number assigned for the purchase
  • Invoice Number
  • Invoice Total

Staff may not be able to identify the status of payments that are sent directly to the user Departments or Sections. It is imperative to send invoices directly to Accounts Payable to allow entry into our payment system, and allow tracking of invoice status.

What if my invoice was rejected?

A rejection message together with a copy of the rejected invoice will be sent to you via email or fax, as soon as available in records.  A rejected, non-compliant invoice (non-compliant invoice is an invoice, where the address or City of Las Cruces entity is not valid, missing PO) will not be processed for payment, therefore it is necessary to send a new, correct document using the same submission method as for the original invoice.  Should you have any questions regarding rejections, please feel free to contact us.

Remittance Request

If you have received an EFT payment, and would like a remittance, please email Please provide:

  • Company Name
  • Check Date
  • Check Total
  1. Alicia Hernandez, Disbursements Manager

    Alicia Hernandez

    Disbursements Manager
    Phone: 575-541-2355