Kudos to the City

  1. image of Matthew Coca

    Kudos to Matthew Coca

    I wanted to relay what a wonderful job Matthew does. Read on...
  2. Joey Dominguez

    Kudos to Joey Dominguez

    Mr. Jay Sharp expressed thanks to Joey Dominguez, Park Ops District Manager, for his prompt response to addressing a fountain leak under the pavilion at Buena Vida Park. Read on...
  3. image of Rudy Trevino

    Kudos to Rudy Trevino

    On behalf of me and my family, I am sending a brief note of thanks and appreciation for the incredible assistance and responsiveness we recently received from the Parks & Recreation Department, especially from Mr. Rudy Trevino. Read on...
  4. image of Oscar Guerrero

    Kudos to Oscar Guerrero

    Oscar Guerrero graduated from NMSU on May 16, 2020, earning his Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering. Read on...
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