Bicycle Planning

The City of Las Cruces is currently assessing its bicycle facilities throughout the community. Las Cruces currently holds a "bronze" status as a Bicycle Friendly Community from The League of American Bicyclists. The Bicycle Friendly America (BFA) program is a tool for states, communities, business and universities to make bicycling a real transportation and recreation option for all people.

BFA Report Card

In November, 2014, a representative from the BFA program toured Las Cruces and met with a group of bicycle advocates and City staff. From that event, BFA prepared a "report card" for Las Cruces and made suggestions for improving biking facilities in our community:

Five Essential Elements

Each Bicycle Friendly Community is different. Each has their own natural benefits and challenges - from climate and topography to culture and population density. But there are essential elements across five categories - known as the Five E’s - that are consistent in making great places for bicycling:

  • Education: Giving people of all ages and abilities the skills and confidence to ride
  • Encouragement: Creating a strong bike culture that welcomes and celebrates bicycling
  • Enforcement: Ensuring safe roads for all users
  • Engineering: Creating safe and convenient places to ride and parkShare the Road
  • Evaluation and Planning: Planning for bicycling as a safe and viable transportation option

Facilities Maps

Take a look at the Bicycle Facilities Map (PDF) developed by the Mesilla Valley Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO)!

For more information about bicycle projects in the city, email Paul Dahlgren.