Inspection Resources

Inspection Process Information

  • Work that requires a permit has to have an inspection card posted before it can begin.
  • A request for an inspection must be made with a one-day advance notice. For next day inspections, calls must be in before 5 p.m. the previous day during city business hours. The permittee is required to notify the Community Development Department that a work phase is ready for inspection. Inspection requests shall be filed at least one working day before the inspection is needed. The permittee has the option of submitting a request in writing, fax, telephone, or email. Provide the following information and we will process your inspection request right away:
    • Address of Construction Site
    • Contractor's Phone Number
    • Contractors Name
    • Permit Number
    • Type of Inspection
  • Email it to the Inspection Office for a prompt response. Please note that inspection requests will not be accepted if the above information is not included. No exceptions.
  • Once an inspection has been performed the inspector determine if the work is satisfactory or notify the requestor with the necessary corrections. Once you have made the necessary corrections you may call for re-inspection.
  • If there is a change in construction occurs you may need to resubmit plans.
  • The inspection card must be maintained on-site until final inspection.
  • The Final Inspection is required before Certificate of Occupancy.