Addressing & Street Naming


Customers should submit address requests through the online City of Las Cruces Address Request Form.

Request types may include:

  • New address assignment
  • Address change
  • Address verification
  • Other

Getting Started

  1. Locate the Account Number (R#) assigned by Doña Ana County
    • Go to DAC Parcel Map
    • Select a Search Type
    • Identify the number prefixed by ‘R’* *This may also be listed under ‘Parcel ID’
  2. Complete the City of Las Cruces Address Request Form
  3. Receive a response within 3 business days


Street Naming

Most of the street names and addresses assigned within the City occur through the development process (when land is subdivided or developed). However, in the older parts of the community or along the fringe of the urban area, pockets of land exist where there is an absence of formal street names. Read the following documents to learn about what to do in those cases: