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Report Water Waste

Report Water Waste and Violations

The City of Las Cruces restricts outdoor watering in the interest of water conservation. Visit the Watering Restrictions page for details on when and how you can water.

Violations of the Water Conservation Ordinance can be reported to the Water Waste Hotline, (575) 528-4444 or by emailing Ask The City (for Type of Service select "Watering Violations").

Your message should contain the following information:

  • Date when observed.
  • Approximate time.
  • Street address. Please spell out the street name if it’s not a well-known street.
  • What you observed.
  • If you wish a callback, please provide your name and phone number.

Please speak clearly and be as specific as possible. With incomplete information it is not always possible to follow up on the report.

We follow up on every call. Please be aware that it can take several days to resolve the situation. If you see the same violation after 2 weeks, please report it again

Please note that NMSU campus is outside of city limits and is not a city water utility customer. It is therefore outside the jurisdiction of the city's Water Conservation Ordinance.

For More Information

In 2014, City Council updated the Water Conservation Ordinance and the Utility Board approved new regulations for implementation of the ordinance. Repeat violators can now be assessed fees on their utility bills or cited by the Codes department.