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2018 Dial-a-Ride Survey Below

Dial-a-Ride is a paratransit service offered by the City of Las Cruces, RoadRunner Transit. Dial-a-Ride provides origin to destination on-demand transportation service to qualified individuals with disabilities as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Fares are $2.00 for each one-way trip for qualified ADA individuals. Dial-a-Ride vehicles are wheelchair accessible and are operated by specially trained drivers. Applications for this service are available here and can be mailed, faxed (541.2545) or returned in person to either 300 W. Lohman or 1501 E. Hadley, Bldg. A. Once an application has been approved, a rider may schedule a ride by calling 541.2777, we request cancellations be made at least one hour in advance.

Dial-a-Ride also offers origin to destination para-transit service to citizens age 60 or older. This service does not require a fee; however due to high demand, a minimum of two weeks advanced scheduling is required. Call 541.2777 to schedule your next ride through roadrunner Transit's Dial-a-Ride service. We request that all cancellations be made at least one hour in advance. Donations are appreciated.

2018 Dial-a-Ride Customer Survey

As a customer of Dial-a-Ride, we want your input on the question of charging a fare for senior trips on Dial-a-Ride. Dial-a-Ride does not currently charge a fare for trips provided to senior citizens, but donations are accepted.

Please take a few minutes to complete our short survey. Deadline for taking this survey is October 31, 2018.

Como cliente de Dial-a-Ride, queremos su opinión sobre la cuestión de cargar una tarifa para viajes de alto nivel en Dial-a-Ride. Dial-a-Ride actualmente no cobra una tarifa por viajes a personas mayores, pero se aceptan donaciones.

Dedique unos minutos a completar nuestra breve encuesta. La fecha límite para tomar esta encuesta es el 31 de octubre de 2018.

Please choose the one option easiest for you:
Elija la opción más fácil para usted:

Phone call - Call to request a hard copy at 575/541-2500. A self-addressed stamped return envelope will be included.
Telephono - Llame para solicitar una copia imprenta al 575/541-2500. Se incluirá un sobre de timbre estampado con dirección propia.

Digital - Click this link:
Digitalmente – vaya a la pagina de internet: (solo inglés)

Download a PDF copy – Click here.
Descargue una encuesta – Haga clic aqui.

In person - Go to Munson Senior Center or East Side Community Center to complete. Call 575/541- 2500 for dates and times.
En persona - vaya al Munson Senior Center o East Side Community Center para completar la encuesta. Llame al 575 / 541-2500 para las fe chas y horas.

For more information, please call 575/541-2500. Thank you!
Para mas información, llame al 575/541-2500. Gracias!