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Managers Performance 2018

The Las Cruces City Council today conducted a performance evaluation of City Manager Stuart C. Ed and Mayor Ken Miyagishima said City Council is “very pleased” with his performance.

Highlights of Ed’s accomplishments during the first half of this calendar year are the substantial completion of the transition to a high-performing, measurable, results-oriented organization; Substantial accomplishment of Strategic Plan targets to-date; Best Run City in New Mexico two straight years; Submitted the largest single competitive grant application in the history of the City of Las Cruces totaling $20.1 million as part of the City’s Grants Administration Program; and by doing more with less, achieved operational efficiency savings totaling $4.5 million.

Other accomplishments include increased public safety initiatives resulting in a lower crime rate; the Firefighters in Transition (FIT) program that allows graduates of a fire academy to train, work and be certified until full-time positions become available; two federal fire-related grants totaling more than $1 million; and other financing methods to construct a new fire station.

Under Ed’s leadership there is progress to increase infill development as evidenced by a former landfill off Lohman Avenue that the City is remediating to make available for development; the Community Development department’s one-stop-shop that is resulting in reduced times for permitting and extended service hours; and increased economic development with more businesses locating downtown and more community activities downtown resulting in increased foot traffic.

“My colleagues on City Council and I are very pleased with Mr. Ed’s performance,” said Mayor Ken Miyagishima. “He continues to execute our strategic direction by increasing the organization’s overall performance and striving for constant improvement. We look forward to a continued, positive relationship with Stuart.”

As city manager, Ed is the City Council’s sole employee. All other City employees report to the city manager. Currently, Ed oversees 1,642 full-time equivalent positions and an adopted fiscal year 2017-2018 budget of $390,857,495.