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Young Park Pond Aerators Under Repair 2018

The City of Las Cruces is actively addressing concerns about the fish at Young Park affected by malfunctioning aerator equipment. The pond’s west aerator has been cleaned and repaired and is functioning well. The waterfall near the west aerator, which assists with circulation, has been updated with new piping. The previous pipe was deteriorating and caused the pump to take in air. Both the west aerator and waterfall will undergo additional upgrades in the future. An east aerator motor is being assessed for repair or replacement.

While there is no estimate on the number of fish affected, the Game and Fish Office has been notified the aerators are being or have been serviced. The City is calling on their professional expertise for further advice on the health of the fish.

The City’s Facilities Section is working with the Parks and Recreation Department to get a quote for further repairs and electrical system upgrades.