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Please relay my thanks to the folks that removed most of the piled sand recently (on Tellbrook). Thanks for everyone’s involvement!

From: John Irons, Resident
To: Street and Traffic Operations’ Road Maintenance Crew

(Regarding Mike Pence’s recent visit to the Las Cruces Airport)

Thank you for making the whole event come off so smoothly. What other 4 person team in the City does so much with so little. :-) Thanks to our Airport staff!

From: Robert Wood, Chair of the Las Cruces Airport Advisory Board
To: Lisa Murphy, Danny Valdez, Josh Garcia and Lori Romero of the Las Cruces International Airport

Congratulations James. Kudos to you and those that assisted in reaching this level within Keep America Beautiful. Your dedication, mindfulness of providing the necessary information and enthusiasm to get the word out for this important community program does go unnoticed. Your leadership and the team work that goes into this program is on display and this recognition confirms we are doing good things for our community. Good Job James!!!

From: Robert Nunez, Recreation & Youth Services Administrator
To: James Woods, KLCB, Parks and Rec Department

She was able to quickly find information and status update regarding a patch cut I was inquiring about on Highridge.

From: Kevin Cranitch, Resident
To: Sonia Ramirez, Temporary Office Assistant, Transportation Street & Traffic Operations