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If you would like to submit a compliment for a City employee or the City in general, click on Ask the City and select the “Compliment” Type of Service category. Thank you!

Willie, I want to thank your Streets on-call guy for their quick response to my call on filling in the pothole at Main and Farney yesterday. I had just received the complaint at quitting time and though I would drive to the site to see how bad it really was. It was bad enough to take immediate action, so I notified Dispatch of the pothole and requested that they contact your men to fill it in. Keep up the good work.

From: Case Van Dyke, Safety Health Specialist, Risk Management

To: Willie Roman, Street and Traffic Operations Administrator, Public Works & On-Call Staff

At about 4 p.m. on February 23, 2017 while on Route #7, Eddie Tovar was driving past the intersection of Walnut and Nevada near Lynn Middle School. Several children were walking on the sidewalk near the intersection and a little boy went off the sidewalk with his scooter in front of the moving bus. The boy was nearly struck by the bus. Due to Mr. Tovar’s quick responses, the little boy was unharmed. Mr. Tovar’s responses and professional skills reflect positively on RoadRUNNER Transit and the City of Las Cruces.

From: Mr. Jesus Gonzales, Las Cruces Resident
To: Eddie Tovar & RoadRUNNER Transit

In a voice mail message to Gary Rivera, Water Line Maintenance Supervisor II, City resident Tom Hooksema complimented Water Line Serviceman Horacio Palacios with the following words:

“We had a water emergency last night after a new water system was put in at the street. The water was turned off so tight that we couldn’t get it activated. Horacio Palacios come out and was very professional. He was very helpful and presented himself extremely well to the public. As a retired professor I have dealt with a lot of people his age and older in that 20-35 group and I just thought you ought to know that he did an excellent and took care of the problem as well. Thank you.

From: Tom Hooksema, City Resident via Voice message to Gary Rivera, Water Line Maintenance Supervisor II
To: Horacio Palacios, WR Serviceman/Utilities

I received an email from LCPD Deputy Chief Justin Dunivan, he wanted to share his appreciation of Mr. Hill’s care of his Police unit when it was at Fleet. Mr. Hill went above and beyond in servicing and taking care of the vehicle during its preventive maintenance appointment. DC Dunivan stated that he appreciates his effort and devotion while his vehicle was at Fleet.

From: Leeann DeMouche, Fleet Services Administrator
To: Jimi Hill, Fleet Services Representative