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If you would like to submit a compliment for a City associate, City Councilor, or the City in general, click on Ask the City and select the “Compliment” Type of Service category. Thank you!

Thanks for stopping by a couple of days ago to let me know about the work needing to be done on the gas lines at 317 N. Main. Thanks so much for your continuing concern and open line of communication.

From: Mike Beckett, President Coas Bookstores
To: Rick Medrano, Gas Inspector for PW/Contracts Administration

I ride the bus a couple of times a month. I like the kindness and close attention to being on time at the bus stops. The bus drivers are wonderful.
Message from Mike Bartholomew, Transit Administrator: Thank you all for the many way that you make our customers welcome. It is greatly appreciated.

From: Heidie Daw
To: Fixed route bus drivers

Dear Sgt. Baker,
I truly appreciate your phone call yesterday and conversing with you (regarding traffic concerns in his area). Thank you so very much.

From: Eric Sorensen
To: Sgt. Miranda Baker-French, LCPD

My wife, (Maria Fresquez) and I want thank you for the clean-up the city did on the vacate place on Los Colinas, between Galina and Cat Eye Rd. Thank you.

From: Gary Jensen
To: Gill Sorg, Mayor Pro Tem