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FY2018 Proposed Budget

FY2018 proposed Budget

The City’s fiscal year 2017-18 proposed budget is now available online for the public to review. “This is an opportunity for community members to review the City’s budget and take a look at what’s scheduled for the next fiscal year,” said William Studer, Assistant City Manager and Chief Administration Officer. “We work hard to be as transparent as possible with the public and making the budget available in this manner offers one more opportunity to involve the community,” he said.

A public hearing is scheduled at 1:00 PM in council chambers on May 8. Studer explained that anyone with questions about the City’s proposed budget is encouraged to attend the hearing and ask questions. They may also directly contact their city council representative or contact staff at 541-2192 with questions. The proposed budget will be presented to city council for adoption at its regular council meeting on May 15 for final consideration. Once the budget is adopted by City Council, City Manager Stuart Ed will submit it to the New Mexico State Department of Finance Department, Local Government Division. For more information about the budget process, click on the words Frequently Asked Questions.

View the FY 2017-18 proposed budget.