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ADA Plan 2017

ADA Transition Plan

The City is working to update its Transition Plan as required by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). To help this effort, the City's EEO/ADA Coordinator, George Lopez, is seeking voluntary public response. The ADA is a federal law requiring state and local governments to facilitate equal opportunity for qualified disabled persons. This includes providing equal access to "public programs, facilities, services and rights of way." This is where a voluntary public response comes in. Public comments will be accepted, until June 30, 2017

As part of the City’s effort to update its Transition Plan, the City is undertaking a city-wide "self-evaluation." The self-evaluation is a process where City personnel, along with volunteers from the public, will endeavor to identify public programs that might fail to meet ADA standards. Such standards concern a lack of proper pedestrian crossing; curb cuts and ramps; absent disabled parking; sidewalk obstacles; greater than a 1.48% crosswalk variance; greater than ½ inch gaps, or ¼ inch rises in the sidewalk; sidewalks narrower than 36 inches; access barriers to bus stops; rest areas; public trails, parks, facilities, meeting rooms, etc. For standard guidelines, access the U. S. Access Board, at

If you want to volunteer, feel free to contact Lopez, or look around your immediate community. Identify potential access barriers. Take care to briefly detail and identify the possible access barrier and specific location. Digital photographs of the barrier are preferred. You can send your information and photographs to, Attention: George Lopez, EEO/ADA Coordinator, City of Las Cruces, P. O. Box 20000, Las Cruces, New Mexico 88004. Information and photos received will not be returned.

You can reach Lopez by telephone at (575) 528-3227 or by email, at

Access the City’s EEO/ADA page.