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Just Weed It!

Objective of the project WEED REMEDIATION !

The “Just weed It” program was launched October 2nd, 2017. City staff, including Parks, Streets, Codes and Land Management, have combined resources to remediate weed issues throughout city. Areas of impact will be large thoroughfares as well as medium use streets, city right-of-way, medians and city owned vacant lots.

Tasks for beautification include:

  • Manual Removal of weeds
  • Removal with power tools (weed eaters and trimmers)
  • Mowing
  • Hauling debris
  • Spraying (pre-emergent and herbicide)

Practicing proper IPM techniques is important and essential. However, there will be spraying to control a large amount of weed growth throughout the city. Examples of target areas are: Picacho to Spruce, McClure and Hoagland, Lohman to Amador, and Boutz to Missouri.

Substantial completion is expected in 8 weeks.

Parks & Recreation email address:

Parks & Recreation phone number: 575-541-2550