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Water Violations

As authorized by City of Las Cruces ordinance and regulations approved by the Las Cruces Utilities Board, some outdoor uses of water are restricted or prohibited in the interest of water conservation. The Water Conservation Program of the Las Cruces Utilities administers the compliance program. Repeat offenders are subject to administrative fees and other penalties for failure to comply with the Water Conservation Ordinance and Regulations.

Trained City staff from the Utilities and Codes Departments document violations. Members of the public can call in water waste complaints for investigation by compliance staff.

Violators may receive a Notice of Violation in person, via a door hanger at the offending property, or via a notification letter. Citizen reports of violations can result in a Notice of Violation (warning only) to the offender. Violations observed by compliance staff will result in a Notice of Violation to the responsible party and repeat offenders will be assessed a fee on their utility bill.

Alternatively, observed violations can be pursued as misdemeanors by the Codes Department, at their discretion.

If you have received a Notice of Violation, please follow the instructions on the notice. Additional information is available on this web page and the pages below.

Consult the Watering Restrictions page for the rules about when and how you can water.

Violators have the option of filing Appeals, which will be heard by the Utilities Board.

The Water Conservation Program will issue Variances in certain situations.

If you see water waste and other violations of the Water Conservation Regulations, you can Report Water Waste on this site or by calling (575) 528-4444.

En español

Puede obtener esta información en español o llamar al Programa de Conservación de Agua al (575) 528-4444, opción 4.

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