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Current News


State Funding Freeze endangers top priority project-published in LC Sun-News 2/8/17

Engineering students assist in 2017 Utilities Marketing Survey-published in The Bulletin 3/31/17

Energy Audit Could Save Millions-published in LC Sun News 7/2/17


Excavation safety training at Las Cruces Utilities-published in LC Sun-News 3/19/17

Honoring utility men and women of the Utilities Gas Section-published in LC Sun-News 03/26/17

LCU Encourages Careers in the Gas Industry-published in The Bulletin 6/9/2017

Sensing underground gas leaks-published in The Bulletin 8/4/17


Equipping to pump water for the City-published in LC Sun-News 1/18/17

'Black gold' available free for your yard-published in LC Sun-News 2/15/17

County landscape architect works with the desert-published in The Bulletin 2/17/17

Soils and Mulches-published in The Bulletin ONLY online 2/24/17

Soil Scientist Shares tips with gardeners-published in LC Sun-News 2/26/17

Lush and Lean 2017 Stormwater: Time to rethink-published in The Bulletin 3/3/17

Selecting Climate-Appropriate Trees-published in The Bulletin 3/10/17

Lush and Lean 2017 Appropriate plants for your landscape-published in The Bulletin 3/17/17

Water-wise Vegetable Gardening-published in The Bulletin 3/24/17

Drip Irrigation-How to get your system up and running-published in The Bulletin 4/21/17

Are weeds confounding you? We've got solutions-published in The Bulletin 4/28/17

Lush & Lean 2017: The Basics of Climate Change-published 5/5/17 in The Bulletin

Lush & Lean 2017: Is Climate Change for real?-published 5/7/17 in LC Sun-News

Lush & Lean 2017: Are Bugs Bugging You? They are not all bad!-published in The Bulletin 5/12/17

Lush & Lean 2017: Focus on the Future for proper tree pruning-published in The Bulletin 5/19/17

Join Las Cruces Utilities' 2017 Spring Stroll in the Garden-published in LC Sun-News 5/21/17

Future Engineers Study at LCU-Published in The Bulletin 5/26/17

Local Green Thumbs Tour Demonstration Garden-published in LC Sun-News 6/18/17

LCU Responds to Sewer Stoppages-published in LC Sun-News 7/31/17

Las Cruces Utilities: Reaching Out to Teach-published in Tu Revista Summer 2017

Solid Waste

Spreading Trash Messages on Trucks-published in The Bulletin 7/14/17

Students consider solid waste careers-published in The Bulletin 7/21/17


UCAG Reviews Utility Rates-published in LC Sun-News 4/9/17


Thermal Technology Ensures Water Flow-published in LC Sun-News 1/4/17

2016 Consumer Confidence Report published in LC Sun News 7/16/17


LCU Encourages Wastewater Industry Careers-published in The Bulletin 6/17/17

Midnight Maintenance at Wastewater Treatment Facility-published in The Bulletin 7/7/17