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Hawk Signals

HAWK System

The City of Las Cruces has two crosswalks which are intended for busy streets. They are called Pedestrian Hybrid Beacons or Hawk Signals (High Intensity Activated Crosswalk Signals).

One is located On University Avenue near the Chick-fil-A restaurant. The other is at Las Cruces High School along El Paseo Road. A third is scheduled to be installed on University between Triviz Drive and Locust (Near McDonalds). That one should be operational by the beginning of next year.

When a pedestrian activates the system by pressing a button, overhead flashing yellow lights alert drivers that pedestrians have activated the signal. The yellow light then turns solid, preparing drivers to make a complete stop at the intersection. When the light turns red, pedestrians receive a white “walk” signal, and may proceed across the intersection. A flashing red appears when the pedestrian countdown starts, telling the driver that if the intersection is clear, he or she may proceed through it with caution. When the pedestrian countdown has expired, the beacon goes dark and traffic continues on its way.

The following link explains the process: