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Active Transportation Plan


The first week of February, 2018 Toole Design Group (TDG), the Mesilla Valley Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO), and Community Development Planning & Revitalization Section held the second External Advisory Committee meeting and the third Internal Steering Committee meeting to request feedback on policy recommendations. The Consultants hosted an all-day NACTO (National Association of Transportation Officials) training on Urban Street Design and Bikeways. Over 35 City Staff and local engineers were present. The ATP’s first public meeting took place on Saturday, February 3rd at the Bank of the West downtown. Check out the Open House Presentation boards here, and here. Over 85 residents attended the open house to voice their opinion on the Plan. For more details and a progress update with meeting summaries visit the external Project webpage here.

Project Description & History:

City Council approved by resolution to contract with Toole Design Group on June 5th, 2017 to develop an Active Transportation Plan (ATP) in collaboration with the Mesilla Valley Metropolitan Planning Organization. The City Council presentation is here. The ATP is supported by both the Comprehensive Plan, Plan4LasCruces and the Healthy City Design Report. The City will work collaboratively with Toole Design Group and sub-consultant Molzen-Corbin & Associates to develop the plan which looks at bicycle, pedestrian, and all non-motorized modes of transportation throughout the City. The goal of the ATP is to create a livable and healthy community through active transportation. The yearlong engagement is a factfinding mission to look at current assets, barriers, and strategies to increased active transportation. Key deliverables include:

  • Public Engagement
  • Network Mapping
  • Policy Recommendations
  • Standards & Guidelines
  • Implementation Plan - prioritization, project list, planning level estimates.

Get involved by checking out the external Project website here or Sign-up to get involved on the right side of this page.

For more information about the ATP contact Brian Byrd.

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