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PAWS Program

These animals are available for adoption! They are currently at Southern New Mexico Correctional Facility. They are going through a program we like to refer to as the "PAWS Program" which stands for 'Prisoners and Animals Working toward Success'. The New Mexico Corrections Department supports ASCMV's efforts in housing and training shelter dogs.

In order to adopt these animals, you will need to go through our adoption program as normal. You will need to fill out our Pre-Adoption Questionnaire and process the paperwork at our main facility at 3551 Bataan Memorial West. The adoption fee is $75.00 for dogs. If you have further questions on the adoption process, please call us at (575) 382-0018.

  • PAWS Program Brewster
  • PAWS Program Bubbles
  • PAWS Program Puck
  • PAWS Alfalfa
  • PAWS Program Canela
  • PAWS Program Jax
  • PAWS Program Skylar
  • PAWS Program Kameko
  • PAWS Program Koda
  • PAWS Program Pepper
  • PAWS Program Preston
  • PAWS Program Roper
  • PAWS Program Terrance
  • PAWS Program Todd
  • PAWS Program Brewster