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Neighborhood Groups

Home Owners Associations (HOA): These are organizations defined by the New Mexico Legislature Senate Bill 497 (2013) and are subject to specific requirements as outlined by law, including registering with the Dona Ana County Clerk's office. For more information call (575) 647-7421.

Identified Neighborhood Associations (INA): An INA is a formal group of residents, land owners, and businesses within a specific geographic boundary. The group must register with the City of Las Cruces, focus on community or neighborhood issues, adopt bylaws, and convene at least one membership meeting each year. This group also includes HOAs. PLEASE NOTE: An HOA that registers with the Doña Ana County Clerk must submit a separate registration to the City for development notification purposes.

For more information contact Jamey Rickman, Council & Constituent Services Coordinator at (575) 541-2192 or by email.

Neighborhood Watch Groups: Neighborhood Watch is a community policing program, available only within the city limits, that depends on citizen involvement to discourage crime and reduce the fear of crime by taking an active role in immediately reporting to police any unusual activities or suspicious behavior. City residents may contact Officer Aaron Glymph at (575) 202-1573 or by email for assistance in setting up a program.

Other Neighborhood Groups: Anyone interested in creating a neighborhood group not included in the three categories listed should contact Jamey Rickman, Council & Constituent Services Coordinator at (575) 541-2192, or by email.