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Community Liaison FAQs

You may contact the specific department and ask for assistance in scheduling one of our resident experts to speak or you may contact Jamey Rickman for assistance by email or calling (575) 541-2192.

First, determine what kind of group you want to establish and what the goals would be for your group. You may want to form a Neighborhood Watch in your area, or work with Keep Las Cruces Beautiful to keep your neighborhood free of trash and litter. Codes can let you know more about the Neighborhood Pride Program and you can contact the Council & Constituent Services Coordinator if you and your neighbors want to join an email notification list.

For these and other Codes related questions, you can report the issue through Ask the City by using the online form, or call the Codes Office at (575)528-4100. The City strives to work with and educate residents on what is in the City’s Municipal Code, if violations do exist, and corrective steps that can be taken. Citations issued for City codes violations are addressed at Municipal Court.