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Citizen Contact Center / Ask The City

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Ask The City – The City of Las Cruces developed this online portal so residents can easily report codes violations, make reservations at City facilities, or ask questions on any of the programs and services offered by the City to improve the quality of life for residents. If you have any questions about this service, call 541-2192 or send an email to Jamey Rickman, Council & Constituent Services Coordinator.

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Citizen Hotline – The CLC Hotline allows Las Cruces citizens to report their suspicions of fraud or misuse of resources by City employees, vendors or contractors working with the City, or suspected violations of City policy. Do not use this hotline to report on trash, payments, or other customer service related questions or complaints of a general nature. You can report those items through Ask The City. The Hotline can be accessed by clicking on or by calling 1 (844) 297-5947. The information you provide, whether via phone, mail, or website will be held in the highest confidentiality allowed by law.

City Resource Guide Thumbnail Image

City's Resource Guide – The City of Las Cruces produces a resource guide each year that provides in-depth information on all departments within the City organization. It also provides important contact information and directory of services.

Weed Control logo

Weed Control Hotline – Streets and sidewalks are for everyone’s use. Many property owners may be unaware that they are responsible for maintaining part of the public-right-of-way next to their property – including the sidewalk and planting strip, the shoulder, alleys, walkways and roadways. To report a potential code violation either call 528-4100 or use the weed complaint form through Ask the City. Please give the exact address of the property where you believe a code violation exists. Failure to give an accurate address may either delay the case or cause the case to be closed for failure to locate a violation.

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Mosquito Hotline – Fight the Bite! Target the Source. To report a mosquito problem in your neighborhood, call 541-2547 or fill out the Mosquito Hotline reporting form at Ask the City. If you live in Mesilla, call 575-524-3262. For Dona Ana County Vector Control call 575-526-8150. Eliminate standing water to protect yourself and your family.

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Report Water Waste – The City of Las Cruces has certain restrictions on outdoor watering for both residential and commercial property. We rely on you to help us watch for running water in streets, broken water systems not only in your neighborhoods, but on commercial and City property as well. If you have a concern, either call (575) 528-4444 or go to Ask the City to report it anonymously. You can also visit the Report Water Waste web page for more information and additional resources.

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Pothole Posse Hotline – You can help round up potholes in Las Cruces by joining the Pothole Posse. It’s easy – either call 541-2595, or fill out the Pothole Posse reporting form at Ask the City. The reports go to the Streets Section of the Transportation Department to be placed in the operations workflow.

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Graffiti Hotline – If you see graffiti, let us know as soon as possible. The sooner it is removed, the less likely it will return. Use the graffiti hotline at 528-4723 or fill out the Graffiti reporting form at Ask the City. The report form starts the process of removal through the Las Cruces Police Department’s Codes Enforcement Office .

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Neighborhood Speeding – Las Cruces residents want their neighborhood streets to be safe for everyone – pedestrians, bicyclists and motorists. The City of Las Cruces supports street safety through the Neighborhood Traffic Calming Program (NTCP). Residents participate in this program when they observe speeding and cut-through traffic in their neighborhoods, contact the City and become involved with Respect Our Neighborhoods and Drive 25! Initiative. Residents, the City Transportation Department and the Neighborhood Enforcement Team (NET) of the Police Department partner together for a safer community. You can call (575) 541-2701 or visit the NTCP web page for details.